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Health Haven team

About Health Haven

Natural Healthcare & Wellness Centre

Healing Happens Here is our simple practice philosophy.

Meet the Team

Healing Muscle and Soft Tissue Injuries

We provide natural health solutions for those who have lingering sports injuries. Or those suffering the aftermath of a car accident. Or the pain from recurring muscle spasms. Relief is possible.

Healing Chronic Health Problems

Many come to us hoping to get off medications. Or avoid taking them in the first place. Some who have come to us were told to “learn to live with it.” Or that it was “all in their head.” Many have found relief.

Healing Physical Aches and Pains

Many physical complaints are the result of stress. Stress takes its toll with morning stiffness or other aches and pains. It’s not just the aging process! Many who consult with us are surprised to learn is possible to feel great.

Healing From Collaboration

Using a multi-prong approach, our healing team harnesses the experience of multiple disciplines and the wisdom of our gifted practitioners. This partnership approach often produces better outcomes for our patients.

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Consult Health Haven for an individualized care plan that addresses your unique health issue. In this elegant atmosphere you’ll feel pampered and truly cared for.

Find out if our multi-disciplinary approach will provide the breakthrough you’ve been seeking. Schedule a consultation to discuss your situation. Ask about our direct billing and insurance reimbursement documentation. Call today.

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